About us

Founded in 1995, The Brazilian PET Association is a nonprofit organization which represents in an integrated way all the links of the PET industry in Brazil. With high level governance, professional management and Directive Board comprised by the top executives from the major companies in this sector.

The association brings together all the PET sector productive chain – resin producers, packaging, recyclers and equipment manufacturers.

An important Abipet´s objective is to promote the use of recycled PET packaging, incentive technological evolution and recycled PET applications. This way it has been promoting, encouraging and supporting the development of new applications and drives the demand for recycled PET, contributing for the National Regulation for Solid Residue and ensuring the industry´s participation within the principles of Circular Economy.

As a result of this activity, PET recycling has grown consistently along the years and has promoted the emerging of a new industrial sector which uses recycled PET in the manufacturing of its products. Fabrics, clothes, carpets, automotive parts and new packaging are just a few examples which have initiated a new lifecycle bringing value to Society.

Abipet promotes an Exchange of ideas, information and experiences among all industries in the productive chain, keeping a permanent informative service regarding all themes connected direct or indirectly to industrialization and commercialization of PET packaging.
To reach its goals, the association interacts intensively with business entities, packaging manufacturers, environmental organizations, government and several other players by opening space for scientific debates and clarifications on the sector and on sustainability.

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